Hi guys!

Last year was a crazy year for everyone, for us musicians for sure.  I'm really grateful to be back to performing full time again! I am committed to keeping my calendar updated and dates posted for a month at a time now.  Right now I'm performing regularly here in Las Vegas, mostly dueling pianos and solo piano shows! Check my calendar, drop me a message in "peeps" section and say hello to me when you're at my show!


Hello strangers!


Well….ok so I've been the stranger here...  I rarely updated or checked my website in the past…mainly because, well a few things….website designer on the opposite side of the country;  started a family; and well, just lazy….I love APPLE TV!  

Anyway, I am very excited to be working on my new website!  And what I love most is that I can update, blog, and interact with YOU any time I want!  

Plus, I'm going to start posting new material as it comes out, rather than wait for the whole…

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