Hello strangers!


Well….ok so I've been the stranger here...  I rarely updated or checked my website in the past…mainly because, well a few things….website designer on the opposite side of the country;  started a family; and well, just lazy….I love APPLE TV!  

Anyway, I am very excited to be working on my new website!  And what I love most is that I can update, blog, and interact with YOU any time I want!  

Plus, I'm going to start posting new material as it comes out, rather than wait for the whole album to be finished.  I'll also be sharing videos and rough song ideas with you for your feedback, so keep checking in!  

Meanwhile, I'm performing in Las Vegas on a regular basis so please continue to check my calendar, which I update weekly.  

I'll be adding more cool stuff as I go so let me know what you think!  Love hearing from you!