Bonnie Mason (Mizell)


A rare artist among her own generation, a singer, songwriter and extraordinary pianist who combines classical training with today’s mix of pop and A/C, Bonnie’s music is an ongoing journey or self-exploration and a reflection of musical masters who have influenced her ever expanding style.

From Bach and Chopin to Beatles and Alicia Keys, Bonnie’s pianistic touch carries a variety of influences, however her songwriting and expression on the keys are uniquely her own.

Her voice has been compared to those soulful sirens such as Sarah McLachlan, Norah Jones, and Sheryl Crow.  

A native of Ozark, Alabama, Bonnie traveled all over the U.S. to perfect her skills on the piano attending various piano institutions as a piano prodigy.  At the age of 14, she began lessons with Julliard graduate Professor Leonidas Lipovetsky at Florida State University where she received a piano performance scholarship and graduated with a degree in music in 2001.

During that time Bonnie searched alternate styles and experimented in writing country, Christian, jazz, and even scored music for student films.  

1997 produced her first album of original piano music self-titled, Bonnie.  In 1998, Bonnie won the Alabama state talent competition and that afforded her time in a recording studio where she produced her Christian album, Love’s Tempest.  Later that same year, her Alabama country music roots shone through with the album, The Only One.  This album was co-produced with country producer legend, Larry Butler of Nashville, Tennessee.  Even with the success of her popular country song, “I Bet You’re Going Crazy,” winning best in category in the Bannon Open Songwriting Award and still requested today, Bonnie knew her heart was not in country music so she continued her exploration in musical style.  

After producing and recording her single “Over There,” written for the troops shortly after 9/11, Bonnie began to define her style as many know it today.  Her most recent and popular album, TWO SIDES, includes that track along with many other songs from the heart.

Bonnie currently lives in Las Vegas with her husband and children.  She performs regularly as a dueling piano player and solo pianist.  

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